Long Table

We took advantage of the weather and walked down to the Irish Heather for lunch. Due to provincial liquor laws, we are not permitted in a pub with an infant. Good thing the Irish Heather owns the Salty Tongue next door where we were served an Irish Heather lunch! (they share the same kitchen) Sitting at the infamous Long Table we enjoyed some bangers and mash and cod and chips complete with mushy peas. Good tip for new parents that need a proper pub lunch…

Christmas Eve Morning

Lounging by the Christmas tree, Charlotte sits on my legs and gets into the Christmas spirit. So happy to be off work and at home for the holidays. Merry Christmas to all our friends and Grandma C, Grandma K, Grandpa P, Grandad A and Granny K in Palm Springs! Ho Ho Ho!

Petit déjeuner à Provence

Open at 9AM, Provence Marinaside is a great place to have breakfast with a baby. It’s always empty at that time with spacious seating and loads of natural light. You can get in and out before the Yaletown ‘massive’ show up. We took Charlotte for breakfast this morning then had a visit with Grandma C, all this after going to a banging Christmas party off Commercial Drive last night. We’re off to a duck taco party later this afternoon in Kits—Charlotte is quite the socialite!. Photos to follow.