Chez Negus

Charlotte shared a glass of Rosé with uncle Bill today. Bill has perhaps one of the most relaxing gardens in Vancouver. Located somewhere between 4th & McDonald and Jericho Beach, Bill’s place is truly sublime. Dad has been coming here since he was about Charlotte’s age… He may have even dug the Koi pond when he was in his 20s. Looking forward to an upcoming BB-Q. Cheers to that.

Little Nest

We’ve finally been going to Little Nest up on the drive. Everyone raves about it but I’ve always been intimidated by the sheer number of kids! It turns out that it’s a very controlled chaos. Fab food and coffee. Charlotte took a liking to the retro high chair and spent most of her time licking it. I think it was the blue sparkles. Mom enjoyed a late breakfast. Yum!

Oysters in the Garden

Sounds like a 70s album title—Charlotte had some friends over for oysters in the garden this weekend. What a delight… Judging by our blue box this morning, I think we may have drank a little too much wine, but it tasted sooo good!