Maker Faire

Dropped by the Vancouver edition of Maker Faire this morning. Charlotte was keen to support her Aunt Fiona and Gen Why Media. It was a cross between a science fair and burning man. I think Charlotte got the most out of Gen Why’s artists speakers (until she started making pig noises which is when we decided to make a move…)

Hang It All

Ever since Charlotte was born I’ve taken on a new handy man persona. Before Charlotte I used to loathe fixing things or even putting things together. Now that I have a little one looking up to me I feel there isn’t any odd job I can’t handle. For instance today I installed an Eames ‘Hang It All‘ in Charlottes room without so much as a curse word (maybe one curse word and a brief moment of panic). This wooden ball classic was designed in California in 1953 by Charles & Ray Eames. Who says you have to stop buying beautiful furniture once you have kids?