Crab Park Stroll

Took the little monkey down to Crab Park right after the Canada/USA hockey game today. Charlotte had her first ever swing session, not bad for 4 months old! As Gastown densifies with the new Woodwards towers and others, this beach park will become more and more precious. Dogs love it and so do we despite all of the Olympic helicopters coming and going.

2010 Dream City, Believe, World Class etc…

Mom was sick last night and needed to rest today. Daddy had Charlotte all to himself and went for two walks in the glorious sunshine. We went first up to Commercial Drive to pick up some Ginger Ale for Mom and some coffee for Dad. Later on we ventured out towards the main drag for the 2010 Olympic Games near BC Place to have a peak before the world arrives next week. On one hand having the games here feels exciting, on the other it feels like we might be getting onboard a financial Titanic. We’ll have to wait and see how these games affect Charlotte’s Vancouver to be. Read this and this.