West End Classic

Had a lovely spontaneous Family day today and decided to drop the car in Stanley Park and walk Lost Lagoon to the West End for lunch. Kathy joined us for part of the journey but opted to hop on transit to investigate some lunch options further afield. We kept on walking up to Granville and jumped into the Four Seasons for a quick cocktail before descending back into Lost Lagoon.

Thursday with Dad

Nana had an appointment with the patio at Van Dusen Gardens today so Daddy took the day off to take Charlotte out on the town. First stop, Hillcrest Pool one of Charlotte’s East Van favourites. Next up, lunch at the always good Suika Bistro on Broadway an Fir. After an epic lunch of corn Karage and avocado ngiri we stopped in a Zulu Records to buy some used vinyl. Charlotte made quite a hall with selections from Mel Blanc and Nina Hagen. Had a good chat with the clerk who said that the original producer of the Rolling Stones, Andrew Long Oldham comes in often to buy records and apparently lives in Vancouver. After that we had to stop at Charlottes favourite toy shop Dilly Dally on Commercial Drive. Last stop was the Gourmet Warehouse on Hasting off Clark for some pepper corns, Dijon and some kitchen bits and pieces. We ended back at home and went for an evening paddle at the beach. Quite a day!


BC Day on the Bikes

We spent the entire BC Day long weekend on our bikes. Saturday up to the Trout Lake Farmers Market, Sunday up to The Bay for towels and a saucepan (Jody’s panniers and basket are being well used) then Monday to Stanley Park and Kits Beach. From checking Douglas Coupland’s Digital Orca to grabbing some sustainable BC Seafood at the Feastro Truck to an evening picnic in Vanier Park to a fabulous Zuchinni Carbonara pasta at home—life is truly better on a bike.