Not local but at least it’s West Coast! Charlotte is loving mashed avocados. Tried some bananas tonight and she loved that too. Think we might have a bit of a foodie on our hands… We have some great video of her first ‘real’ food soon to be posted.

Sweet Cul-de-Sacs

Love having Maclean Park on our street and so does Charlotte. Protected by two cul-de-sacs and a no through road, this park is one of the most relaxing places in the city. It’s amazing what happens to an area that keeps cars out of the picture. More bike lanes and cul-de-sacs please! Here are some photos from this morning. She was ready for a nap but managed to get in a little swing time before noon.

Little Miss Serious

Charlotte gets quite serious sometimes like here at the table. This was right before she had some more brown rice cereal for dinner. Jody stewed some organic sweet potatoes that will be on the menu tomorrow night. Love the homemade baby food!