We were having a fun time on the sofa until things turned sour. It’s amazing what a little gas can do to a girl. One burp after this shoot and she was back to being lovely. It’s amazing to witness the intention of expression as she approaches one month old.

First stroller session…

Jody seized a break in the weather to take Charlotte out for her first stroller cruise in the neighborhood. She cried upon being loaded in but then absolutely loved the ride. She was super alert and took it all in—lots to look at around the park despite all the leaves being on the ground.

To les girls!

We had a fab birthday brunch courtesy of Grandma C for Charlotte, Jody and Grandma K. Homemade bread made from wheat we planted back in the summer with Urban Grains, mussels from Saltspring Island and some well chilled Prosecco. This was followed by chocolate cake and more knitwear from Grandma C. Every Sunday should be so civilized!

Florence Nightin’K’ale

Grandma K has been our Florence Nightingale these past few weeks. Showing up with homemade Coq au Vin, bottles of wine and organic milk. What would we do without family!? It’s been especially helpful since I had to return to work! Some pics of Grandma K with an alert Charlotte. Check out that neck control, not bad for 20 days old!