First Words

Here’s Charlotte practicing her vocal skills. For those die hard fans who make it to the end of the video you’ll catch her first word too. She’s been saying it for a while now but usually pretty randomly and when she gets whiny!

Big Kid Chair

Dad’s off to San Fran so Charlotte thought she’d hang out in the big kid chair when he wasn’t looking. She’s working on breaking it in nicely with her drool and scratchy fingers!

This is June

Pretty much a perfect day for us in Vancouver. We had our gardener friend Jane come to prune the garden, a walk to Gastown followed by a trip to Vanier Park then some local Kusshi Oysters at home. I believe this is as good as it gets. Charlotte had her first raw oyster too—a squeeze of lemon, some fresh grated horse radish finished with a shot of ice cold vodka, Charlotte’s palette is evolving quickly.

Un Petit Gourmand

Set to the sounds of Charlie Byrd, here we have Charlotte’s first ever solid food sessions. At first with homemade mashed sweet potato then with fresh avocado. Shot in May, Charlotte is now un petit gourmand, loving mashed bananas with oatmeal and avocados with brown rice. Bon appetit!